How to be a part of GREEN LINE / NEW YORK…

  1. You will need a smartphone and earplugs to attend the performance.
  2. Choose a performance date from the list of events
  3. Sign up for event on Facebook
  4. On the day of the performance you will receive a GPS code
  5. Go to GPS Position during the performance timeframe
  6. Send a screenshot with your position or a selfie with you on the position for which you received GPS Code
  7. You will receive a link to the GREEN LINE scene related to the location.
  8. After the scene send a Private Message with the last 2 words (=Codewords) of the scene to GREEN LINE
  9. You will receive a message with the GPS code for the next scene
  10. Repeat from step 5

GREEN LINE consists of 10 scenes. To follow all scenes on the different locations takes 2 to 3 hours.

You are free to take breaks in between the scenes, also you can start the stoty on one evening and continue on another one depending on the performance timeframes.

You can follow the scenes and send Codewords at every time. Because GREEN LINE consists of real human beings and is not based on atomated systems you will receive new GPS codes only during the performance timeframes.

Please send us feedback and your experiences as PMMessages, as comments on our website and as Private Message on Facebook. Please also indicate if you are ok with us publishing the feedback or showing it on our timeline.

Being part of GREEN LINE is free. We kindly will ask you for a donation at the end of the show.