Project 1 – GREEN LINE – Monologue for a City/ New York

GREEN LINE means border, no mans land. The name is taken from an area in the center of Beirut, in between the the different combattants of the civil war. Long enough was no human being able to set a foot into this open wound, that nature took the place back, concrete cracked, grass, bushes and trees were growing and finally the wild animals return and take their home in the abandoned houses and places.

Green Line is a vivid symbol about the way we humans are able to catapult ourselves out of the world we try to inhabit and to structure with our attempts of civilisation.

The monologue tells the story of a young girl’s bodyless mind, drifting through the remainings of New York, city of cities. A nameless attack has come over the city, the houses and churches detstroyed, the streets blown empty. What remains is lost stories, that culminate in the girl and insit on questions about responsibility and posiibilities of salvation.

GREEN LINE will not be performed in a classic meaning of theater performance. The audience wanders through the actual city of New York following Alessa#s voice which they receive on their smartphones.